Copper jewelry with your own hands.

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Copper jewelry with your own hands. We use soldering.

We will make copper jewelry using soldering. I’m preparing to do a series of lessons on how to make jewelry with soldering. In the meantime, I will answer the question I’m getting most often.
What solder should I use for copper jewelry?
You can use silver solder, if you patinate copper jewelry. Then the silver color of the solder is almost invisible on the product.
In my opinion, the best option (for Russia) is copper phosphorous solder. Usually it is sold with round or flat bars. Unlike silver solder, which can be flattened with a hammer, copper phosphorous can not be processed in this way. Very hard and brittle. You have to contrive to bite it in small pieces. This, perhaps, is its only drawback. But in general it is very comfortable to work with.
It also appears in the form of paste (finely chopped solder, borax and water). With pasta in general there are no problems in the work.
More details about solders we will talk next time. Today – a little familiarity with the topic for beginners. We make copper balls from the wire and solder to the suspension. Use the burner on the gas can. You can buy it almost everywhere.

Check a video from Valery “Copper jewelry”

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