Texture on copper.

Текстура на меди

Texture on copper.
How to make a texture on copper sheets with your own hands.
A small note for beginners to work with metal.
There are many ways to make an original relief, texture, on copper ornaments. I’ll give an example of how to make an interesting texture from materials at hand.
Make a texture on a copper plate 0.5 mm thick. Copper is easy to process. When heated, copper becomes even softer and more pliable. We use this property. Heat (heat) copper with a burner or on a gas stove. You can abruptly cool in the water.
For the texture, we will use a metal sponge for washing dishes. Everything is very simple. Roll the copper plate along with the sponge on the rollers.
Next, use a copper plate with the texture to the destination. An example in the photo.
Caste from the same plate. Cabachon made from natural labrador. Patinated in a solution of sulfuric liver. Polishing by felt with GOI paste.



Texture on copper


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