Copper brazing. Wire jewelry with your own hands.

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Copper brazing.
Wire jewelry with your own hands. Master classes for beginners.
Workshop by Valery Vorobyov.

Today we will make a simple, but original pendant from the wire (copper). It’s a good one for beginners. You can solder with silver solder, if you plan to patinate the wire, that is, to make it look older. Otherwise the place of soldering will be visible. You can solder copper with copper phosphorous solder (read the article “Copper jewelry “). Let me remind you, copper phosphoric solder is in solid form (rods) or in the form of paste (in syringes). It is easier for beginners to work with paste, but the price of such solder is higher than the price of solder in bars.
It is better to use thick copper wire. The copper becomes soft after soldering. Of course, we will betray the hardness of the wire when we cut it off, but it will not be enough. Take the wire about 1.5 mm thick.
The method of attaching stones is quite unusual. Can be used for both cabochons, and for “boulders” (see photo).
One more little addition. If you have a large cut stone, which you are going to mount this way, insert (solder) a bridge for it inside the circle, a wire oval. See the video (at the very bottom of the article).



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