Wire bracelet with your own hands.

Браслет из проволоки.

Wire bracelet with your own hands. Bracelet made of brazed copper rings.


We use a copper wire 1 mm thick. For making rings we need a round rod with a diameter of 15 mm on which the wire is tightly wound. Any will do – wooden or metal. We cut the rings and solder them. You can use silver or copper phosphor solder. Soldering rings should be qualitative, otherwise they can break in the process of bending.
After you have assembled a chain of wire of the required length, stretch it through a couple of holes in a wooden plank (like the Viking chain). The first hole should be a little smaller than the thickness of the chain and further downward. Be extremely careful. Before broaching, light the chain so that the wire becomes softer.
To make a chain square, with faces (as in the photo), you need to process the chain from four sides with a file (polish it).
To make a wire bracelet of a different size – use wire of different thicknesses and change the diameter of the rings.
When a bracelet is ready – patinate (make it look older) and polish, as we do with all ornaments from copper.


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