Beads made of natural stones.

Бусы из натуральных камней.

Beads made of natural stones.
Beads from natural, natural stone agate.
Beads with a length of 560 mm.
Beads from natural Indian agate.
Three central beads made of agate with a diameter of 20 mm. Small beads measuring 10 x 6 mm
An antique copper color fittings was used.
Beads from natural natural Indian agate are collected on a jewelry wire, which provides 100% strength. The rope is connected by copper krimp. To strengthen, I put two crimps on each side of the beads. Used copper protectors – protection against rubbing the cable. Castle “Hook” in the color of antique copper.


Beads in a single copy. As you yourself understand, I am not able to repeat the drawing of the stone.
You can buy stylish beads from natural agate in our store.


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